Thursday, May 24, 2018

what's it gonna be

Dakota was getting used to the idea of having a new sibling. Summer was here and she had a new room, new house, new family. Or so it felt that way, even if the house was kind of old, she was with her dad and his new wife Liv. Actually, she felt happy.

She'd made a new friend on the block. Mona lived a few houses down from her. It was good to have someone to do things with. They also went to the same school so she hoped the summer would be splendid, riding bikes, making slime and hopefully trips to the pool.

"Do you think you could take me to the pool, sometime?"  She asked Kevin when he stopped by. She knew she was the only reason he dropped in. She couldn't exactly say what it was about him, but she felt he was like an uncle of some kind. Then again, she thought he only liked her because she knew his mother that he never got to know. It was pointless to explain this to anyone. Still, no one complained about him being around.

"I dunno." He shook his head as if it were out of the question. She thought it had to do with the strangeness of it, a grown man taking a pre-teen girl to the pool. Although, he quickly informed her he wasn't a babysitter.

She didn't like hearing his words. She thought they were close. At this rate, this might be the last time she ever saw him.

"Why is he like this?" She asked Liv later after Kevin dropped off the fruit and veg he'd gotten at the farmer's market.

"Who knows." Liv shrugged, letting her know it wasn't her fault. "He's got his own issues." She then mentioned she didn't think he'd ever really had a family. Yes, his dad raised him, but they never did anything together. "So, its hard for him."

Still, Dakota thought she was on the verge of tears. Here, she'd hoped to have the best summer ever, but now he made her feel things she didn't want to feel. She wasn't sure if she was angry with him or felt sorry for him.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

how it appears

Omaha remembered how it used to be when he and Sheena were first together. They cooked, they talked and walked together in everything. Now he wondered if the newness had worn off.

Still, they bought a house together. They were moving forward, weren't they? He felt troubled about it now. Especially, when she spoke of Kevin every day. It was like he was her work husband and she cared more about him.

Maybe he was just being jealous, but it seemed she was wanting him to be Kevin's best friend. And Omaha hated it.

"So what's troubling you the most?" Vada wanted to know. It was an unlikely conversation to have with his first love, but they'd accidentally met while grocery shopping and decided to try the bubble tea at the new Chinese place close by.

"Everything," Omaha said. She almost laughed at him.

"You were always so serious." She remembered. "It was always hard to know if..if you really liked me." She recalled the summer they were at camp together. She told him she always thought he would have ended up living off the land. "Who knew you'd be so domesticated."

Omaha swelled a frown, thinking Vada was no help at all.

"Look, maybe you two need another couple to hang out with." Her smile was open. "Even a married couple."

"We know married couples." He winced a frown. He didn't think it would help. "It's just if I could find someone for this Kevin to meet..then...she wouldn't be so involved with him."

Vada crossed her arms. "Maybe, Alo knows someone." Vada wanted to know if Omaha smoked ribs, anymore. He said he did. He looked at her blankly.

"I'll ask around." She sighed. "Still, it would be best if this guy found someone on his own." She mentioned online dating.

"Well, from what I hear. I guess his dad set him up a lot with rich girls and he didn't like it."

"Maybe, he doesn't need a rich girl. Maybe, he's not so bad, after all." Vada told him.

"I dunno." Omaha wished he could get past this.

"You two should be thinking about, you know, tying the knot." She told him she and Alo got married in the wood of Colorado. "And we didn't even have anyone officiate."

"Really?" Omaha smiled he liked that idea, but he doubted Sheena would go for it.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

what to do after graduation

Will scratched the back of his neck and winced. He really didn't like looking Valentina in the eye. For a second he thought she still might have a crush on him. He hadn't expected to see her at the library while he was shelving books.

He turned to put another biography away. Didn't she know there was a graduation to get through?

"Then, what are you going to do?" She smiled. "The library is closed Memorial day weekend? You and Ivy could come with us to Adventureland."

He knew she was serious, but he just didn't want to go. Yet, he knew Ivy would buy him about this. He asked who was going and she told him it was Ollie's idea.

Will winced. Wasn't Ollie his arch nemesis? Wasn't he in love with Will's girlfriend Ivy at one time?

"And you trust him?"

Valentina nodded. There would be two adults going, Ollie's dad and foster mom.

Will almost smiled. An amusement park was kid's stuff. He was graduating from high school. Just then the new shelver Evan asked, "Can anybody come?"

"Uh, I guess." Valentina was slow to say.

Evan told her he'd ask his boyfriend if he could come.

She nodded. Will sighed as if this was just too much. Of course, he hadn't thought of anything romantic to do with Ivy. His luck Evan was a big romantic and would have a much more exciting getaway.

Finally, Valentina left when he told her he would think about it.

"I think we're back together." Will then heard Evan say.

"Huh?" Will looked at him.

"Sawyer," Evan told him that Sawyer came to visit him. "Still not sure we're on the same page."

Evan pushed his book cart toward the Fiction section. He turned to Will, "Maybe I could just come along with you guys without him." He told Will he'd lived here most of his life and never went to Adventureland.

Will nodded. He'd never gone either. Maybe it was a good time to go.

Monday, May 21, 2018

I gotta get away

Summer was coming. It was only days until Graduation.

"You know, what that means?" He looked over to Valentina who was still carrying a load of books out of her locker. Finally, he managed to take them from her. After all, he was walking her home. He lugged her backpack as well.

"What?" She was doe-eyed and off in her Plushie world, he guessed.

"A vacation." He told her they really needed a vacation. "You know, like Adventureland."

She didn't look too excited.

"What's your plan?" She told him she wasn't sure her mother would like it.

He winced hard not sure to laugh or cry. The books were heavy. "Come on, it'll be fun." Ollie was pretty sure he could talk Gabby in to taking them.

"But, she's graduating." Valentina was the logical one, evidently.

"And why not celebrate." Ollie gave her a silly grin.

"Oh, you are too much." She took some of the books from him, to lighten the load.

"We could ask Will and Ivy, too." This idea was getting bigger and better. "And of course, Ste will have to go." He smiled at her as if she would even like that.

Valentina shook her head.

"We gotta get away. We just have too." He looked at her out of the corner of his eye. If he couldn't get his dad to take them, there was always Betty who liked road trips.