Thursday, March 23, 2017

these two sides of my brain

these two sides of my brain

So, this was what she'd been waiting for.

Sheena sucked in a breath.

There were a lot of things she knew about Omaha.

1. He liked the left side of the bed.

2. He could kiss her in places on the map of her body to send her reeling into a space that was not of this earth.

3. There was just something so natural about him...that she just couldn't get enough of it.

4. And... then he could fart as if he was only there for her to smell it. And it was as if an old dog was finding his territory so he could sleep anywhere he pleased.

He talked about Carmen. That was his real family. He might have had a cousin here or there, scattered about the Indigenous Nations. But he'd been a scrappy kid who ate at the neighbor's table and never had new shoes to wear to school.

"I knew I was never good enough for her. I kept thinking she'd meet someone perfect, when she went off to the University. But she'd call me.. sometimes, like she was checking up on me. Seeing if I was OK." He seemed quite sad to share this with Sheena. "Its just..I..I didn't know..she wasn't OK. She never told me."

He pressed his lips tight.

"You..were..just a kid then." Sheena just said.

He shook his head, no.

"After she died, I didn't do much of anything. I should have gone to see her mom or something. I'm so.." He wouldn't say stupid. He sighed. "And..and then there is that Emily. I didn't know Taylor was going to marry her. Its..its like I broke them up..and I didn't even know.." He pushed his dark hair away from the side of his face.

"But..but you and Taylor are friends..and..and.." She didn't know where she was going with this, but she took both his hands, as if that would have to do. "I love you." She only said.

"I love you too. I do." He said ever so quiet. The silence began..for what seemed endless. Finally, Omaha looked her in the eyed. " I think we should..we should find a bigger place, but..but will you marry me?"

She looked at him startled. She couldn't speak, but she nodded.

Suddenly, it felt as if they could climb mountains together. It was future she wanted to run, too.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

even if you say so

even if you say so

"You, are OK, about this..right?" Omaha hadn't meant to move forward like this with Sheena, but sometimes, it took other things to give him the push to go on with things.

They were moving things around in her little apartment. There was a pile of winter items on her bed. They could move them to her Mom's.

He felt as if he might be wrecking her life, but he thought they'd be happy together.

"You know, I want to be with you. Its just..I dunno if..if I'm really.." He winced..could he say it..HUSBAND MATERIAL.

"What?" She wanted to know, as he went to put a box of her stuff in his truck. They could load it down, but the boxes might blow away on the freeway. It was windy again.

The snow came only in the form of ice. It melted and the cold wind dried out the soil as if it might be ready for a grass fire.

"Nothing..its really nothing." He winced.

"You always say that." By the sound of her voice, it sounded as if she was ready to do battle with him. He took all the boxes out and tied down a tarp. They were going to her Mom's for supper, but that was a couple of hours away. She heated the kettle and had some coffee and cookies, waiting for him.

"I know..I said..we..we would go somewhere and talk." Why on earth did he think they needed be on the prairie in a tent, somewhere to talk about things.

Omaha set down and sipped the creamed coffee, even if he thought the instant flavor was far too bitter. Minnie would have never made it this way, but he drank it..anyway.

"I know, I've made a lot of mistakes..but..but the thing is..nobody told me anything." He hadn't learned a thing from his mother, other than to stay in school. " And..and then..there was Carmen." He didn't know if he could say anything else.

Sheena looked at him as if this was a first. He didn't want to say anything else, but he knew..he had too.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

moving on

moving on

"I don't think she likes me." Minnie didn't sound thrilled with the idea of moving in with Taylor and Sara, while she was folding towels at the dining room table.

Josh let the chocolate chip cookie set in his mouth for a moment, not sure what to say to that. Finally, he swallowed and cleared his throat.

"We..we would be in Omaha's room. Its the basement. There's even an outside entrance. We wouldn't be bothering them, much." He told her. Besides, he wanted to get out of here, soon as possible. It was best to make a clean slate and never think of Tina, again. As it was, she was overseas. Hopefully, still in Germany and not in some God forsaken country driving a truck.

"I know..I've been there." Minnie remembered with a bitter frown.

"What? You, don't think its big enough?" He winced. Unsure, what she was getting at. Usually, she was always in a happy mood.

"Its big enough." She was even lipped. She finally mentioned that the bathroom was nice, just a shower, though.

"Oh." He nodded. He couldn't think of her getting into a bathtub, not these days, anyway. She was due with the baby in April.

"Look, we..we can put a lot of stuff in storage." He looked around, as if everything would have to be packed. Perhaps, the military could do it, at least for Tina. This was her stuff.

"Or we could sell it." Minnie mentioned how a lot of this furniture could be bought up in a matter of seconds, online.

"I couldn't do that...not to Tina." Now Josh was even lipped. Perhaps, she would change her mind some day. He was certain she would want to see their daughter, Naddy (Nadine) again.

"I know." Minnie said ever so quietly. "I know she left you, for a woman."

Josh slightly flinched. He said nothing.

Minne went on in the silence. But they both knew Tina was never coming back.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Let's wait awhile

Let's Wait Awhile

Taylor wasn't sure what he was getting into, at the hospital. It was like going into a high tech security system, just to walk the halls of the maternity ward.

First, it was all so casual, hanging out with Max in the birthing suite. Taylor held Sara close, as other family members came by to visit too. Daisy's dad brought Max and Daisy's little girl, who went right to Max's arms.

A part of Taylor felt he was intruding on a family moment, but Max was treating him like family. He went to get some food from the diner.

Then, everyone would go out and wait in the hall, when the doctor checked to see if it was time for the baby to come.

"Then, they just rush her into surgery?" Taylor looked blankly at Max.

"No, she'll have the baby right here. You, guys can stay..if you want." Max told him.

Taylor shrugged, not sure this was really the place he wanted to be, but Sara wanted to be with her best friend, Daisy.

"I guess so." Although, he was never one to want  to watch anything bloody on TV. Naturally, Sara always had her eyes open for that.

"It might be an all nighter." Max shrugged back.

" sounded like the baby might.." Taylor thought this could all be over with in the next 15 minutes.

"It could, but I'm looking at 2 in the morning." Max looked at his watch.

"Oh." Well, he did have work in the morning. So did Sara. He went to get Sara.

He took both her hands. "Maybe, we should go home."

"Are Josh and Minnie going to be there?" She pressed a concerned look.

"Not, yet. Not until next month." He promised. "You are OK with it, aren't you?"

"We'll see." They walked together, hand in hand down the corridor.

"We can't just leave them hanging, you know." He winced. "Omaha seems to think we'll all get along."

Sara sighed.

"Minnie can cook." That was a plus.

"But..she's gonna have a baby." Taylor told her Minnie couldn't do all the cooking. "We'll have to help, too."

"Its not that I don't cook. I don't have time to cook," was her excuse.

Taylor knew there was lots to do, before Josh and Minnie moved in.