Saturday, March 24, 2018

that thing about the French

that thing about the French

Lily still thought about the kiss at the beach with Brick, long after it happened.

She winced hard how she let him jet his tongue into her mouth. It was so unexpected. Unsure, he knew what he was doing. So she kissed him back, with tongue, but not quite as spastic. Softer, perhaps. By the third go around, evidently, he knew what she liked. He liked it, too. It was really delightful. Maybe even beautiful.

She'd fallen back on her towering sand castle. The sun striking a warmth she didn't know possible. It was golden. She'd closed her eyes to dream about it.

"How did you get so much sand in your hair?" Her grandmother(back where they were staying during spring break) awoke her rewind moment with a question,  as she pushed her fingers through Lily's messy hair, telling her she needed a shower, and to wash and condition her hair.

"Well, you know." She shrugged trying not to be too happy about this little transition with Brick. "We, we had a sand fight."

"A sand fight?" Her gram looked a bit peeved about it. As if Brick should know better. "Where was Dewey?"

"He was there." She told her gram that Dewey made up with his girlfriend over the phone.

"And you two just decided-"

"It was fun, Gram. I always have fun with Brick." Lily bit a grin.

"Really?" Her gram put her fist to her sides as if she needed to knock some sense into that grand-kid of her best friend's.

"It was fine." Lily stomped away to take her shower. No way, could she let gram know about the kiss with Brick. But it was French.

Oh, how she wanted to go to France now. What else did those French people do? And where did Brick go to find out, how to do it? Although, she only liked it a little. They couldn't do that, every-time they kissed.

Yes, she would have loved to tell Gram all about this. She wondered if her grandmother had heard about what they did in France.

She hurried up and took her shower. Gram had milk and warm chocolate chip bars waiting. Maybe, it would make her forget about the French Kiss. Probably, not.

Friday, March 23, 2018

we used to be friends

we used to be friends

Sawyer didn't think he made Angie feel so uneasy, but it didn't feel like she wanted to catch up.

He couldn't imagine what was wrong with her. Why wouldn't she tell him, anything?

He was open with her. He told her all about his boyfriend Maddox. His ex-boyfriend. It was still hard to say because they really were great friends.

He wanted to tell her how he thought it would work. They knew each other so well. They did so much together before they started dating.

"Don't you think it should have worked?" He'd asked, but Angie looked at him as if she had a bad taste in her mouth. He thought she liked the old diner. Evidently, their burgers weren't as good as they used to be.

"We should hang out." He'd said. He really needed Angie right now. He did. He just didn't see why they couldn't pick up, where they left off.

Although he realized later while going through his things in his room at his brother's, it had been years ago since he'd seen Angie.

Somehow, it didn't seem so long ago. Still, he remembered Angie. He remembered her kiss, her scent, and even her sexiness.

Couldn't she just do him a favor? It didn't have to be anything big. Maybe spending the night with him would be to ask too much.

Now, he thought she must have been really hurt by this guy she'd just broken up with. What had that guy done to her? Maybe she'd been abused or the guy didn't know what he was doing in bed.

A lot of things came to mind. Finally, he wondered if he'd hurt Angie. He couldn't quite remember. He didn't even know why they broke up. It was a bit faded now, but he was sure they could easily find their way back to each other. If only she'd text him back.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

on a road to nowhere

on a road to nowhere

Dewey hadn't expected much on this Spring Break trip to Florida. Actually, he didn't want to go, but he knew he better do it, or he'd never hear the end of it, from his mother.

True, she was older than the other mothers of classmates. Always had been, but it really hadn't bothered him. Perhaps, he felt more like a grandchild than the last child. His sisters carried him around as if he were their own when he was a baby. So he felt as if he had a lot of mothers, but they all moved out, and he was left with a moody woman who never had anything nice to say about anyone.

Maybe, that was why he never wanted Angie to know her. He knew his mother thought he was far too secretive with Angie.

"What are you two doing? Having s e x..all the time?" His mother asked when he and Angie dated all summer before his mother moved back home.

Dewey was certain she was going to send him back to Boystown because she said she couldn't handle him. Yes, he'd remained a little restless all those weeks when he shouldn't have. So scared he would never have a real girlfriend like Angie, but somehow they'd enjoyed the small things together.

He admired her and liked working with her, studying with her, doing nothing with her. That was their romance. He knew it wasn't nearly as exciting as her days with Sawyer. Dewey guessed he'd been Angie's lover. Except, she'd been certain he was always in love with someone else. Not her.

Dewey hated that someone made Angie feel so used. He promised he would never be that way with her. He did love her. He couldn't think of ever kissing anyone but her. He loved holding her. But, they'd never had s e x.

He thought they were above it. Except, maybe he wasn't. Still, it was up to her to decide..if and when it would happen.

And now it was over. Just when he thought he might breathe again without getting choked up on his own tears of misery, she texted.


Angie's text startled him.


Dewey thought he might faint. He didn't know how to respond other than I MISS YOU, TOO.

Suddenly, he read her text that was more of a novel about how Sawyer changed so much and she didn't want Dewey to change. She told him she loved the way he was and how she would never want to change him. She told him he was the strongest person she ever knew, but she thought they should move in together when school was out.

Dewey smiled more. He texts back that he wasn't going to take the football scholarship. That wasn't the way he wanted to live, in fear of a head injury. He'd just have to find another way and he would with Angie.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

fun in the sun

Fun in the sun

Brick was certain G.B. (Grandma Betty) might have a heart attack on this trip. She worried way too much. She didn't want them (Dewey, Lily, and Brick) to go anywhere.

"But, its the beach! G.B." Brick shot right back, since going to Disneyworld was out of the question, along with all those other tourist traps that made Florida famous.

He promised they would stick together. "We won't let Dewey out of our site." He knew she was expecting Dewey to take care of him and Lily, but he knew for a fact it would be Lily who would take care of them.

Finally, when G.B did OK it, Dewey showed up in a tracksuit.

"What?" Dewey looked at Brick and Lily as if they were underdressed in their swimsuits. Brick only shrugged, figuring Dewey would get hot.

Soon enough they were in the surf and watching the beautiful ocean. Lily went to work in the sand making a sand castle. Brick followed.

They were used to doing things the old-fashioned way. They'd left their flip-phones in a plastic bag in Lily's backpack. Naturally, Dewey sat in the sand staring at his smartphone.

Finally, he took a picture of their progress.

"I dunno why you came? If all you can do is play on some dumb game," Brick said to Dewey, but Dewey didn't say anything. He was busy with the game.

"Are you two doing OK in the popup?" Lily asked as she dug deep into the wet sand.

"Yeah, it's great. Got the whole bed to myself and Dewey's got a whole bed, too." Brick told her it was roomy. "Its windy, but we're used to that."

She nodded.

"Are you sleeping OK?" A part of him wanted to offer her to come out and sleep with him. The bed was big enough.

"She is kind of clingy," Lily said she wouldn't want to sleep with her gram on a regular basis. "She talks and snores too."

"Not any worse than G.B." Brick chuckled. "I don't know how Ed does it." He shook his head, thinking he'd hate to be in his shoes.

Just then they heard Dewey's phone ding a text. Brick and Lily watched Dewey's intense face suddenly become easy going. Actually, pure happiness.

"Aw, I bet he heard from Angie." Brick smiled, ever so endearing. He turned to Lily and kissed her on the cheek.

"What are you doing?" She winced as if they weren't supposed to be kissing right now.

"Cause, he's not watching. Even if he did, Dewey wouldn't get mad about it." He kissed the other side of her cheek. Now was the chance to do that kiss, he'd heard so much about.